Chicken Cutlets 3 ways

Everyone loves chicken cutlets!!! It is a household staple in my house.  What I have come to learn is that instead of making chicken cutlet parmesan or any other chicken cutlet specific recipe is that half of my family eats the others complain…uggghhh.  So what I do now is just make chicken cutlets on Sundays and dress it up according to taste.  I have 3 go to chicken cutlet recipes that I recycle in my house.  They are chicken cutlet parmesan, lemon chicken, and marasla sauce.  For my hubby and I usually stick to lemon or marasla on day that I do that I do parmesan for my kids.

How do I get away with it? It is simple.  For the chicken cutlet parmesan, I always turn to my favorite jarred marinara sauce.  I place my cutlet in oven proof dish, pour sauce and sprinkle cheese and heat til cheese bubbles and like magic you have chicken cutlet parmesan.


For my lemon chicken (aka chicken francese) I have a favorite go to lemon sauce that I have been using since I started cooking.  I use the Rachel Ray’s Chicken Francese.  All I do is make the sauce on the side in a pan then place cutlets in the pan turning once just to make sure both side get “sauced” and reheated then serve.

For my chicken marasla I use the same concept as my lemon chicken.  My go to recipe for the sauce is from is from also food network.  This marsala sauce this sauce takes over 25 minutes but since you have made the chicken cutlets ahead of time you are ahead of the game.

As for sides I stick to mashed potatoes, carrots and something green. The green scares my kids but I try to make roasted broccoli in parmesan shredded cheese or anything else green that I can cover up in cheese lol.

If you rotate these recipes you can at least have 3 out of 5 days of meals covered the other 2 order out, JK lol

Have fun cooking!!

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